Can Corporate Gifts Make New Hires Feel More Welcome?

Can Corporate Gifts Make New Hires Feel More Welcome?

Most people love getting a gift at some point. As a company, you don’t have to wait until Christmas or birthdays to start your giving season. If you’re looking for a way to boost morale and improve retention, corporate gift-giving can help. Read on to see how corporate gift baskets help make new hires feel more welcome.

Personalized Items

When you work with the right company for your corporate gift baskets, you have a chance to give away personalized items. Those personalized items can vary and adjust to your staff members’ age, gender, position, and personal interests. For example, award your new intern with a “Best Intern” mug. If someone on the team loves chocolate, give them a basket of the finest treats. When a staff member moves to a new home, order a gift basket that has some home-welcoming items like oven mitts, kitchen tools, etc. According to Gitnux, providing corporate gifts may help produce as much as a 37% higher retention rate. Spending a little upfront to keep good people can save you money later by avoiding constant onboarding.

Branding Elements

One of the many benefits of corporate swag is the chance to promote your company name or logo all over the place. When you have corporate branding on beautiful apparel like sweatshirts, t-shirts, bags, and mugs, you can have your  employees promote your business in style. When people receive corporate-branded new items, it’s an easier way to help them feel like they belong to the team. They might even anticipate when a new set of branded items comes out for them to rock in style.

Practical Use

When someone starts a new job, they have a lot on their plate. You can make things easier by giving them gifts to have some practical items. A gift basket can include office supplies or mugs for coffee. You can also give them noise-canceling headphones, so they can always concentrate and work in peace. Incorporate technical gadgets like chargers and power banks, so they can always keep their computers and phones charged at their desk or on the go.

A corporate gift basket is a perfect way to help your new hires feel at home. You can customize your giving based on  food taste, life events, company positions, age, etc. To see the options available, contact the Bundled team for assistance.

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