Mental Health in the Workplace: From a Founder’s Perspective

Mental Health in the Workplace: From a Founder’s Perspective

At Bundled, we are proud of many things. We built a thriving corporate gifting business from nothing, empower women, provide employment opportunities to individuals with disabilities, created a true inclusive workplace, support small businesses across the US, and stay true to our belief that in a digital world there is nothing better than human connection. But what we are most proud of is our ability to have a work environment that takes the happiness of our employees very seriously. May is Mental Health Awareness month and for many employees a positive mind can be greatly impacted by the workplace. 

Encourage + Model a Work Life Balance

As a founder and mom, work life balance was something that I had to teach myself early on so I could model it for my team.. We don’t ever want our team to have to choose between a family event and work. Family always comes first. It’s common that you will take a walk through Bundled HQ and run into a little one that came to work with their mom!

Set Clear Expectations for Employees

A wonderful mentor once told me that if you haven’t said it then you can’t hold your employees responsible. Setting clear expectations for employees is crucial for fostering productivity, engagement, and overall organizational success. Defined goals, transparent communication, and structured performance metrics not only enhance accountability, but also empower employees to thrive within their roles, driving positive outcomes for the company.

Stay True to your Mission + Values 

Our company was built on our values. We make it very clear to our employees about what those are. Staying true to our values boosts morale and gives them something to be proud of. 

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