The Psychology of Corporate Gifting: How Gifts Influence Business Relationships

The Psychology of Corporate Gifting: How Gifts Influence Business Relationships

Did you know? Studies reveal that 80% of companies believe gifts generate measurable positive ROI for external business, and nearly 48% of existing clients are more likely to renew business relationships after receiving a personalized gift. The proof is in the pudding: your retention and referral rate is a direct reflection of your corporate gifting strategy. Bundled is a leader in the corporate gifting space, specializing in sending the right gifts at the right time for the most effective use of outreach.

Understanding the Psychology of Corporate Gifting

Understanding the psychology behind corporate gifting can transform your motivation, or rather your “why.” When clients receive a thoughtful gift at the right time, they’ll feel appreciated, remembered, and valued by your company. This sense of recognition not only enhances client loyalty but also creates a positive emotional bond. These bonds are essential in today’s competitive and increasingly digital marketplace, where real-life personalized experiences can help you stand out from the competition.

Can Corporate Gifts Really Influence Clients’ Decision-Making?

A survey found that 66% of individuals who received a memorable gift from a business were likely to engage in future interactions with that company. This highlights the role of gifting in maintaining awareness that keeps you top of mind and ensures your business stands out. A well-selected gift can act as more than just a kind gesture. Gifts reinforce trust and demonstrate your commitment to the relationship. It’s an effective way to show clients that they are more than just a number in your book of business.

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