Why You Need A Company Storefront

Why You Need A Company Storefront

At Bundled, we understand the importance of making your employees feel appreciated while maintaining control over your corporate gifting strategy. Our online company storefronts are popular solutions amongst our top clients because they serve as the ultimate solution for streamlined yet personalized gifting experiences.

What Is A Company Storefront?

Company storefronts are online platforms where businesses can manage the gifting needs for their employees or clients in one place. They serve as a virtual storefronts where companies can display a pre-selected collection of corporate gifts, swag items, event giveaways, and more, all branded with the company’s logo and paid for exactly how you choose.

Setting up a company storefront with Bundled allows you have the power to curate a selection of gifts that align with your company culture and values.

How Company Storefronts Empower Employees With The Gift Of Choice

Bundled is committed to empowering your employees. Through our online storefronts, they can browse through curated collections and choose the gift that resonates with them. Some companies open storefronts so their team members can select gifts for themselves on special occasions (think: birthdays, anniversaries, retirement, etc.), and others allow employees to send gifts to clients as needs arise (think: welcoming a new baby, loss of a loved one, celebrations, etc.) It’s the perfect balance of corporate control and individual freedom, ensuring that every gift feels personal and meaningful.

Let’s Get Started!

Say goodbye to the hassle of managing budgets and worrying about shipping + logistics. With Bundled, you’ll have a one-stop shop for all your internal corporate gifting needs. Experience stress-free gifting by emailing info@bundledgifting.com to get in touch with a Corporate Gifting Pro who can help you launch your first company storefront and support you through the entire process!

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