5 Statistics That Will Convince You to Corporate Gift with Bundled

5 Statistics That Will Convince You to Corporate Gift with Bundled

Bundled has provided corporate gifts for hundreds of clients with businesses both big and small for nearly 10 years. While the coporate gifting industry has changed significantly since our company’s inception, there’s a few things that still remain true. Employee engagement and company culture are critical to the success of any business. One effective way to enhance both is through the many corporate gifting services we offer. Here are five compelling statistics that demonstrate the impact of corporate gifting on employee engagement and company culture throughout the employee lifecycle:

  1. Increases Employee Retention by 20%
    According to a study by Harvard Business Review, companies that invest in employee engagement, including corporate gifting, see a 20% increase in employee retention rates. Recognizing and rewarding employees with thoughtful gifts fosters loyalty and reduces turnover.
  2. Boosts Employee Productivity by 31%
    Gallup’s research indicates that engaged employees are 31% more productive. Corporate gifts, especially those personalized to employees’ preferences, can significantly boost morale and motivate employees to perform at their best.
  3. Enhances Employee Satisfaction by 40%
    A survey by the Society for Human Resource Management found that 40% of employees reported higher job satisfaction when they received regular recognition and rewards. Corporate gifting can be a simple yet powerful way to show appreciation and enhance overall job satisfaction.
  4. Improves Team Collaboration by 25%
    Corporate gifts that encourage team bonding and collaboration, such as shared experiences or team-building activities, can improve teamwork by 25%, according to a study by Forbes. This leads to a more cohesive and productive work environment.
  5. Strengthens Company Culture by 32%
    A report from Deloitte highlights that companies with strong recognition programs, including corporate gifting, see a 32% improvement in their company culture. Regularly acknowledging employees’ contributions helps to create a positive and inclusive workplace.

Investing in corporate gifting with Bundled can transform your workplace by enhancing employee engagement and strengthening company culture. Start recognizing and rewarding your employees today, and see the difference it makes! Email us at info@bundledgifting.com to connect!

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