Can Corporate Gifts Really Improve Your Retention Rate?

Can Corporate Gifts Really Improve Your Retention Rate?

Today, more companies are giving out corporate gifts than ever before. In fact, according to Giftsenda, the corporate gifting market was projected to go from $242 billion to $306 billion by 2024. Customized gift bundles, like a s’mores kit, show that you know your employees. Plus, branded corporate swag is a great way to advertise your company. However, another key benefit to giving out corporate gifts is employee retention. Keep reading to learn more.

Improved Collaboration

Giving everyone in the company some swag with the same logo can instantly make employees feel like they are part of the team. This can encourage people to speak up during team meetings. Additionally, employees are more likely to help each other when they feel they are all on a team together. This allows workers to enjoy their jobs, thus increasing the employee retention rate.

Customized Gifts

Many employees who work for large corporations feel lost in a sea of employees. Some may feel like their boss doesn’t even know their name. This can quickly make employees think they don’t matter to a company. However, personalized gifts can make employees feel like they are known and valued at a large company. For new employees, order a customized tumbler with their name and company logo or a premade bundle based on a hobby you’ve learned about them thus far.

Increased Morale

Company gifts can instantly help increase morale among employees. You don’t have to spend a lot to make your employees smile. In fact, our bulk bundles make it easy to make sure everyone gets something they love! Plus, to boost productivity, entice everyone to work harder by offering a prize to a winning team based on sales numbers or something similar.

Enhanced Recognition

It’s crucial to remember that people quit their jobs when they feel like their day-to-day work doesn’t matter. Customized corporate gifts can make your employees feel recognized and demonstrate that their work makes a difference! A little personalization will go a long way to help you set yourself apart from other companies, making you more likely to retain employees.

Here at Bundled, we specialize in customized corporate gifts. Invest in swag bags or tumblers for the entire team, and check out our incredible bundles to ensure everyone loves their gift. Get in touch with our team if you have any questions!

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